Friends, lifters - Don't give up!

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Dear Friends, The corona is spreading a bit more. So far it is affecting us more than we initally thought. Restrictions and provisions to fight the corona are deepening. But let´s take it positively. Every day cuts off the remaining time until the situation cools down again and with that the ability to train and to do meetings again. Returning to normal will probably be a bit longer and a little more painful. Even in view of the announced subsequent financial crisis. Well, we deal with this . So it seems we are going to climb a big mountain again. But we did it before so we can do it again. The team of lifters, such as GPC, has proven several times that they can handle it. So dear friends, fans and lifters (and whatever federation you are we are all in the same position now), take care, don´t give up and keep positive minds and mood. We are looking forward to meet all of you.


GPC European Championships 2020 was canceled

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Dear GPC National Rep/individual Member
Due to the escalating spread of the Corona Virus resulting in travel restrictions, isolation requirements and the closure of gyms in many countries, the GPC Board in conjunction with Julia & Filip,  the Slovakian organisers of the European Championships, have made the decision to cancel/postpone the European Championships scheduled for Trnava at the end of May.
Until such time as this global pandemic is under control and travel restrictions have been lifted, a decision cannot be made by the Board as to whether this event can/will be rescheduled at a later date. 
We apologise for the inconvenience & disappointment caused to lifters intending to compete in this event but it has been made for the health and safety of everybody concerned and their families. 
GPC Board  

GPC European Championships 2020: Report of GPC board

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The GPC Board together with the organisers of the European Championships will continue to monitor the situation in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The current intention is that the European Championships will hopefully go ahead in Slovakia at the end of May with the organisers continuing to make arrangements for it. However, nobody knows how the situation with the virus will develop in the interim or what recommendations countries will make to contain it. In view of this we cannot be certain of the viability of the event and we plan to review the situation in 3 weeks.

The GPC Board

Information of  GPC Slovakia President


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