New rules - 1.1.2014

Written by Libor Hurdálek. Posted in New rules.

Changes in the GPC rules since 1st January 2014.

Approved on: on Thursday 26th September

By the: The GPC AGM

Where: World Championships EGER (Hungary)

  •  That the thumb must be wrapped around the bar in the Benchpress.
  • That the start signal on the bench be reintroduced. The arms must thus be locked before the referee gives a start signal.
  • That GPC International Referees who referee at Invitational Events judge using the GPC ruling in particular to depth.
  • That the entry forms for World/Continental Championships are not included in the Championships website. A standardised form and team list can be emailed to each nation by the Secretary. Individual lifters from non-affiliated countries can request a form from the Secretary.
  • That all the staff on the scoring table be made aware of the rules regarding attempts (ie minimum. 5 kgs between first & second attempts for men, openers must be changed 5 minutes before the start of the flight etc).
  • That briefs may be of any height because they do not give additional assistance if high.


  • The record keeper should be at the International events to issue record certificates as requested by lifters. If the record keeper is not going to be available, then blank records should be available to be written & distributed at the championships. A new record keeper has been appointed so this will be addressed.
  • That the ruling on what constitutes a T-shirt (sleeves/no sleeves) be clarified in the rulebook.

For more information and details click here: World AGM minutes 2013




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