GPC RSA National Championship: Brief Report

Written by Libor Hurdálek. Posted in Various.

 On June 15th, 2019 I attended as the delegate GPC RSA National Championships. Let me briefly mention the competition and activities around.

Competition: The championship was very well organized and everything went well and without time delays.

Referees: I have followed all the attempts and the referees' access. I have to say that the level of decision making in RSA is very good for all referees. The referees judged the attempts well and had the respect of the competitors.


Competitors: Powerlifters approached to the competition professionally. They did great performances (as evidenced by the 17 WR) and significantly contributed to the smooth running of the competition.

Organization: ICT service was provided according to the rules. Information was available for competitors. The organization and management of the race were excellent and significantly contributed to the success of the championship. The accompanying program was prepared for visitors (children and adults) and other activities (excellent preperation).

Need to highlight: There were a lot of things to highlight at the event (organization, reinsurance, competitors, referees, etc.). However, I will mention the two that pleased me especially. There was a large percentage of women at the races. The share of young racers was also high. Work with Youth is excellent in RSA.

Conclusion: Rhino Powerlifting Club - GPC RSA started its activities in 2013 with 7 competitors. After 6 years, it organized a national championship with 80 powerlifters. This is great progress. The Board of GPC RSA and the entire federation Rhino Powerlifting Club are doing a great job and their potential for further development is great. So we can expect further growth, not only quantitative but also qualitative. In shorty: In RSA, powerlifting is done with head and heart and the Federation is one great bunch that knows what it wants.

I would like to thank the board of GPC RSA and all members of Rhino Powerlifting Club for their excellent work and promote our sport and GPC. Congratulations to everyone on the results and to organization of excellent nationals championships and development of GPC RSA.

It was a pleasure and honor to be present at your championship and meet you all on your great competition. RSA is a beautiful country full of smiling people.

Libor Hurdalek - European Vice President of GPC









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