City Eger: The Power of Eger

Written by Libor Hurdálek. Posted in World Championships.

16th-23rd September the GPC World Powerlifting Championships are going to be held in Eger which will attract competitors from all over the world into this historical town of hungary. It won’t be the first occasion though, when „power” will be measured in this city. 468 years ago, early autumn, the army of the Osman Empire and the people of Eger fought each other.

The story – at least here, in Hungary – is very well known from the novel of Géza Gárdonyi, the ’Stars of Eger’ which is compulsory to read at school. Probably not with the greatest historical accuracy, but it shows the bravery of the people of Eger as well as their physical and mental power.

And not just the power of men, but also women. Sources take it as a fact that the female population of Eger also participated in the siege. One of the masterpieces of the Hungarian painter Bertalan Székely titled ’Women of Eger’ commemorates their heroic action: they have poured tar into the neck of the turks climbing up to the walls of the castle.

The story itself and the name of the author are now completely associated with the city. Moreover, the writer’s tomb can be found there. The epitaph says ’Only the body’ was buried in Eger - because his soul lives further on in his books.

The city became the symbol of courage and sacrifice for great achievement and patriotism. Citizens of Eger outperformed themselves and seeked for the last bits of their willpower.

But did this exceptional will remained and surpassed to the people of our days? In september, Eger can witness another heroic fight - the battlefield this time is the gym.


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