2023 GPC Rulebook

Written by Libor Hurdálek. Posted in Nezařazené.

Dear National Federation Representatives & Individual Lifters

Happy New Year

The 2023 GPC Rulebook have been posted on the GPC Google.
Click here to enter: 2023 GPC Rulebook
Changes are indicated in red.
I wish to highlight some specific changes to you so that you can in turn highlight them to your lifters.

1. There has been an increase in entry fees. This is applied to:
(a) the first event entered,
(b) All the late entry fee for all fees paid at the championships
(c) all events entered/changed after the team list has been submitted and the entries list published.

The costs for hosting championships has risen and it is not fair to expect a competition host to lose money on an event after all the efforts put into organising the event. This will lead to no bids being received for championships in the future.
Trying to organise championships where lifters want to change their original event once the list of competitors is published or want to enter additional events at the championships is very difficult as trying to estimate the number of medals/cups to order is impossible. It causes delays at weigh-ins and makes life difficult for the person trying to do up the schedule and flights.
Lifters should know what events they are training for and thus will lift in at the championships so these events should be included on the team list submitted before the closing date to avoid such late fee penalties.
Also it will be a requirement that national federations approve additional events/changes to the events submitted on the team list. Many countries have qualifying standards and lifters may not have qualified in the events they want to enter after the team list has been submitted.

2. The procedures for late weigh-ins has also been tightened up. It is the lifter's responsibility to have made travel arrangements which gets them to the weigh-in venue before the scheduled weigh-in session finishes on the day before they lift. If they experience unexpected delays in travel which will see them arriving after the official weigh-in has closed, they must be able to provide proof of same (proof of flight delays/ cancellations/ strikes etc) to be permitted to weigh-in late and they must have made contact with the championships organiser before the end of the official weigh-in time, to inform them that they will arrive late and require a late-weigh in and will be added to the flight list for the event they have entered. Weigh-ins on the morning of lifting will be at the organiser's discretion providing the evidence of delayed transport is provided and the organiser has been informed prior to the closure of the official weigh-in session so that the lifter's name can be included in the flight for their category so the other lifters know they are expected to compete.

Anita Mahony
World GPC Secretary


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